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Are you looking for historical flags flown by British ships? Are you looking for historical colors displayed at British colonial buildings found throughout the world? Whether you are a big history fan of the British empire or you’re just a big fan of British culture, historical achievement and society in general, you have come to the right place.

We have lots of flags that really capture the evolution of British society. Of course, the oldest flags that we have trace back to the anglo-saxon invasions of England. For all intents and purposes, this is really the beginning of English identity. Prior to this was the Roman period. We do have flags and banners from that era, but we really can’t say with certainty that this is the essence of Britain because once the Romans left whatever fragile hold they had on this part of the planet quickly fell apart. It’s as if the Roman presence was on eggshells.

It really is that delicate. It was, by no means, solid. If you need proof of this, please understand that the vast majority of Roman’s language words in the English vocabulary were actually inserted after the Norman conquest.

In other words, they don’t date to the Roman colonial era. This really is quite puzzling because the Romans were in Britain for hundreds of years. We’re talking at least 400 years. But despite that long colonial presence, the percentage of words from Romans languages from Latin is actually relatively low compared to those types of words after the Normans conquered Britain.


The Normans were originally Vikings who settled in Normandy in France. In this part of France, they picked up quite a bit of French words. The French language, in turn, is influenced by Latin. Through this roundabout process, Latin inspired words made it into the English language.

Anglo-saxon Invasion

My point here is that if you are really looking for the heart and soul of what it is like to be British, you have to start with the anglo-saxon invasions because the bulk of English words come from this historical period. Also, the social structures, the cultural patterns, the traditions, the customs as well as the norms that defined the British as well as the British world view can be traced to this particular era.

NOT made in china

Still, if you really want to celebrate the many different banners, colors, pennants and formal flags of Britain, we have it in stock. The best part? None of this is made in China. I know that’s kind of shocking because pretty much everything is made in China nowadays. The materials that we sell here are proudly made in the British-Isles.