Back in the day, almost everybody smoked, at least people smoked cigars and believe it or not this made close opening and closing a sale so much easier. Seriously in fact, compared to today it doesn’t even come close. Back in the 1960’s for example, people smoked everywhere. I remember when I was in college, we were watching this footage from the 1950’s and 60’s of professor’s giving lectures. What do you think the professor in 50 percent of those film reels was doing? That’s right, he or she was smoking.

Now, you might be thinking that this is just an empty detail so people smoke back then, then things differently back then, what’s the big deal? Here is the thing, when you are smoking cigars or cigarettes, you are more relaxed. You’re in a non-formal kind of social dynamic and when you are trying to get a sale or trying to open somebody’s mind regarding a potential sale, it pays off tremendously to get them comfortable. Ultimately, if you were to study high performing sales people, the big difference is not whether they really know the ins and outs of the products they are selling.

A lot of these people don’t really know the items they are pushing like the back of their hands. Instead, they know how to set people at ease. In other words, they know how to build comfort, and when people are comfortable they are more likely to think you are on their side. They are more likely to think that you get what their needs are, and at the very least you are not some sort of enemy that’s ought to work them off, or harm them at some level or other. These are very important values to build in the minds of people you are trying to connect with on a commercial level. Unfortunately, those days are gone where you can go to somebody’s interior space and you can just both light up cancer sticks and bond over a nice fulfilling smoke.

Thankfully, certain areas still allow for vaping. This is as good as it can get, this is as close to smoking that any sales person can get, and you should take this opportunity. If you find a place where your prospect is vaping or is open to vaping, bring your vape juice and your vaporizer, and vape away. You’d be surprised as to how much comfort you can build when you trying out the best vape juice companies with that person. Basically, he sees you engaging in activity that he or she prefers. This commonality of interest can go a long way because we live in an anonymous society, it’s very easy to look at our differences and create walls. When we see that we are all not different because we have the same shared interest, it’s easy for the walls to come down; it’s easier to let your guard down; and this is where sales magic happens.

This is why as a sales person, your number one job is not necessarily to know everything there is to know about the product you are selling. Well, you should have a maximum product proficiency in competence. You have to think beyond that; you also have to also think about how to get this message across because if you are able to do that and applied on many different levels, everything starts to expand. Because people can see that you care; people can see that you are actually trying to add value to their lives and this makes the sales process so much smoother.